Gimghoul Castle Now Available to Rent for Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs

CHAPEL HILL, NC- In an effort to stay afloat in the increasingly expensive real estate market of Chapel Hill, the secret society at Gimghoul Castle has decided to turn their storied meeting place into a fun rentable event space.

“Rituals and secret donations just aren’t what they used to be,” said Gimgoul member C**** S*****. “We’re having to learn to diversify our secret society activities in order to save our bottom line.”

“We think this space could really take off. Just imagine the possibilities,” said Mr. S*****. “If you’re kid wants a medieval themed birthday, done. If he wants a haunted wood for his friends to play in, done. If you want your son to become a man in the eyes of God in a creepy old castle, done. It’s a much better business model than anything we’ve had in place before.”

According to members of the Order of Gimghoul, there is already heavy interest for the use of their space. “people walk by and sorta stare at the castle all the time so they’ve gotta be thinking ‘wow what a great place for a conference or reception!’”

Mr. S***** assured that the prices will be affordable for most. “It’ll be probably $850 plus one blood sacrifice for one 3-4 hour event. We think this is pretty reasonable.” Mr. S***** would also like to implore event space users to please clean up after their events have concluded and to never speak of what they have seen.

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